Initial Pitching Process

After allowing time for our individual interpretation of the brief, we were able to form in groups of people who shared similar app ideas. The next step within this assignment was to combine these ideas and collaboratively create a unique idea in front of the other groups. This lead to us dividing our group of 5 students into 2 subgroups in order to devise 2 pitches as the lecturer suggested.

Individual Ideas

In one group members initial interpretation of the brief this took the form of a simulated conversational app where users immerse themselves into the role of a 13th century baron in order to make alliances and ultimately convince them to revolt against King John (Becky Goodchild).

Another strong idea involved position the user from within an interchangeable figure by which they can migrate from peasant to king through discovering historical facts, gaining prestige through gaining historical knowledge of the Magna Carta (Callum Sulsh).

A common element within this subgroup was the component of setting the app within an immersive environment through both apps positioning the user amongst the action of history! This steered the direction for our groups development as it highlighted the common ambition we had for the app: allow the user to feel part of the history of the Magna Carta in order to validate its importance from a personal perspective.


Collaborative Pitch

Through considering the level of difficulty these two ideas would have in their construction, a more simplistic yet still powerful creative solution must be devised.

This led to the initial idea of the app titled: “Which historical figure are you?”

Drawing inspiration from Buzzfeed’s popular cartoonist questionnaires which frequently appear on social media sites:


Our app idea would mimic the comedic and personal attraction of these questionnaires to make an game which injects reality into history. This idea would as have ties to social media through the target audience being able to share their experience at the exhibition with friends and ultimately continue to enjoy learning about the Magna Carta through the cartoonification of the key figures involved.

Feedback for Initial Pitch

Initial Feedback and evaluation, recommendation of soundscapes → link to “Early conceptualisation – The Magna Farta” blog

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