Current Working Concept Summary


Users are presented with 1-3 sound clips, and a selection of different answers. The sound clips played will represent an audible clue which corresponds to one of the answers – for example the sound of a lion’s roar and a beating heart would have the correct answer of “Lionheart” amongst other choices. Upon selecting the correct answer a small fact relating to the history and legacy of the Magna Carta will be displayed, before the user progresses to the next question.

The app will take on a hierarchical structure to facilitate a slight increase in difficulty throughout the game in order to appropriately challenge the intended demographic of 7-10 year olds. The structure consists of three levels – Main Characters involved in the Magna Carta, the need for the Magna Carta, and the continuing legacy of the Magna Carta. The app allows for factual representation of the Magna Carta in a light-hearted, easy to digest and quirky way.




How is it used in the environment

The user will download the app either on location, before, or after the exhibition and can make use of it at their own leisure – perhaps in the café or taking a break from the exhibition. It is expected that the user would use earphones, unless appropriate to not. Connections can be made from the content in the application to that of the exhibition.

Possible Issues

Issues may include the file size of the app – Unless there is WiFi at the exhibition users will be limited to downloads of no more than 20mb while on mobile data for iOS devices. Consideration will have to be given throughout the development process to ensure this requirement is met. Other issues could possibly include the feasibility of how the basic game mechanic will work for users – which can be remedied with careful content design and possibly an instruction screen if needed.

Hook Point

The unique point of the app is the fact it incorporates sounds into an otherwise basic, but considerably popular mechanic resulting in a challenging and novel concept. Consistent rewards encourage engagement with the experience.


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