Initial Pitch Feedback

We pitched our main concept of “Sound Scenarios” to the client, explaining the main premise of the idea, how we felt it met the brief requirements, how it was used, possible issues, and what we felt was the hook point of the idea. Additionally, we also mentioned the other concepts we had come up with, but felt that this one was probably our strongest at the moment.

Using the most interesting characters from the magna carta legacy

It was suggested in the feedback that we used the most interesting, or main characters from the Magna Carta legacy in order to substantiate the content of our idea. Doing so would allow us to draw in relevant facts as well as facilitate strong engagement with the idea, simultaneously linking closely with the cathedral and the Magna Carta – as per the brief. Characters would allow us to create properly located questions and other relevant material, as opposed to relying on loosely-defined, less tangible concepts of thoughts or notions relating to the charter. Additionally, it was suggested that we perhaps revised the mechanic to rely less on a strict narrative, and more on a general array of facts and information being produced for the user to avoid potential issues with gaps in historical knowledge and also to aid the direction of research that would be required.

Specifically, we planned to look at the general plot involving characters, and the life of characters themselves. We now needed to look at revising the mechanic of the app as per the suggestion of the client in order to produce a more simplistic and intuitive experience for the user – especially considering our intended age range was roughly between 7 and 10 years of age.

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