MoSCoW Analysis Creation

In order to ensure that a well-documented and complete build was finished after development, we needed to produce a document of the final vision for the build that was completely exhaustive in the features that the final product would have. The benefits of adhering to such a document are immeasurable; being able to keep track of progress that the build is making, be able to have a cornerstone of the project with which to facilitate discussion around its development, and a complete feature-list that can be modified and discussed with staff, the client, and other members of the team. In order to complete this process we used a system called the “MoSCoW Analysis”. The system organises features by a hierarchy of importance –

  • Features that must be included
  • Features that should be included
  • Features that could be included
  • Features that won’t be included.

Using this kind of system allows for a comprehensive picture of the final product to built; allowing developers and those working on the project to prioritise tasks and avoid wasting time on potentially unnecessary features. The MoSCoW system ensures a strict timeline of development is followed. After having developed our intended final build of the project, we developed a full analysis showing the rationale behind the intended feature-set of the product, as follows in the next post.

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