Development of the Mechanic

In order to simplify the concept we brainstormed ideas for replacing a section of narrative in the Magna Carta legacy with something more tangible. We considered replacing this with relevant pictures, as it would work well with the target demographic.

We opted to replace the idea of using pictures to match with sound clips, with relevant words or phrases instead. We felt that the pictures could potentially not be specific enough when pairing with a sound clip. What a picture depicts could potentially be ambiguous in some cases. Also, we felt that in some cases, collecting pictures that would interest the target age group yet still be relevant may potentially be difficult at times. Finally, in some cases pictures could introduce further complication in terms of copyright and permissions – if they were not all original material. Sticking to original material may limit our possibilities in what the main questions in the application can be, yet using third party resources would introduce complications into the workflow with the need to seek out further permissions for their usage. Words and phrases typically would not require permission to be sought for their usage, giving us more creative freedom, and pictures could be used elsewhere in order to improve the aesthetic and engagement of the app, but did not need to be specifically matched to sounds – giving us further freedom still.

By streamlining the general notion of the concept, categorically we reduced the span of the concept to something more succinct, user friendly, and structured – as opposed to our previous idea of building a story from various questions, hints, and sound effects. To continue this, we decided that a multiple choice of words/phrases, with one correct answer to match the sound played would be the best step to take next in the conception of our final build. Upon selecting the correct answer, the user would receive a fact supporting the correct answer, in a quiz-like fashion, which facilitated a close link with the Magna Carta, as per the brief, as well as a sense of reward for the user, before continuing to the next stage.

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