Size Limits

Over the course of producing our app one of the big problems we have come across is what the limits of the size of the app can be. As apple limits the download size over cellular data to 100mb before they have to use WI-FI to download the app. But clashes with another problem which is the fact that Salisbury Cathedral doesn’t have any WI-FI and the mobile service is poor in that area.

After some thought we came up with two different options that could work. The first was to store all of the data used for the app on a server then the app gets that data every time its opened. This idea resolves the problem of size limits as the app size would be reduced massively but mobile service would be needed to download the data every time it’s opened. The second was to keep all of the files local, so the app size will be allot bigger but once the app is downloaded the first time a mobile service wouldn’t be needed again. To counter-act the file size we would have to compress the files as much as possible and just keep it under the limit.

The idea that we went with, was the second one as the idea was more¬†tangible and feasible. Even though the file size might be difficult to keep small we have more control over that then getting WI-FI in Salisbury cathedral or making people’s phone have mobile service no matter their location.

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