The Narrative

With the code coming along well, our game structure appeared rigid in its simplicity (more like our inspiration from 4 pictures, 1 word). Aim to give the user self-gratification and closure within the game as well as there overall experience with the exhibition at Salisbury cathedral (thus moving away from 4 pictures, 1 word). Thus in order to inject more creativity into our game we made the development of including a narrative. We achieved this by setting the game at the celebration of the Magna Cartas 800th birthday! Thus coincided nicely with the resent development of a magna carta mascot.

App starts and Magna Carta man is sad because its his birthday and no one has bought him a cake thus the aim of the game is to answer each question to obtain a cake slice to give to him. This also provided voice for a more elegant design where a level system was no longer needed, instead a much more elegant progression bar, which didn’t increase in difficulty but instead provided closure to the end of the game while tying in more appropriately with the personification of the magna carta.

This also led to the suggested development that we provide a prize at the end of the game in the form of vouchers for cake at the café. The problem with this is that we wouldn’t know how many people would play the game and are not in a position of power to offer unlimited vouchers so therefor must act professionally and provide what the client was after rather than the user. To counteract this we devised a finishing screen where the user is able to give the magna carta a birthday cake. Thus give user closure and solidify an enjoyable game experience. This story telling element where each level is rewarded is also a common convention in video games such as assigns creed where parts of a story are accumulated and by completing the game the user is rewarded with the entire game. Thus the accumulated a cake slice within each level acts as an incentive to finish each stage.

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