The Border Design and Creation.


With the architecture of Salisbury’s Cathedral being such an allure for visitors both new and returning, and with the best kept version of Magna Carta Being displayed at salisbury cathedral. Although the cathedral isn’t completely intrinsic with the Magna Carta. Given however, that the environment of the church will be the setting in which people will be experiencing the app along with the fact that we want to give a historical yet playful feel to the app. It therefore made sense to include the cathedral within the app. So this required some further research.

It became apparent from both my own experience and its reputation that the architecture is very aesthetically pleasing, and definitely leaves a lasting memory. This is one of the key factors behind why it was chosen to be incorporated into the graphics of the app. It was decided an effective way of including this would be to create a border in the style of the architecture. The Cathedral is a very well kept example of Early English architecture. Salisbury Cathedral is unique in that it was built within a short time span (c1200-1275), thus its architectural style is predominantly Gothic. Upon further research into gothic architecture. It has become apparent  Quatrefoils are a big part of the design, they were popular back then and have remained popular through out the ages and can now be seen in a variety of different design circumstances. They are crucially about using symmetrical and geometrical designs to create beautiful complex looking shapes from simplicty. The basis of the design of a quatrefoil is 4 identical circles overlapping. As can be seen below.


the part of the cathedral of particular interest to me which served as my inspiration was this part.



As Illustrator is a vector based image creating software and the border would need to be created so that it could be re-sizeable through scaling it allowing for responsive design without loss of quality. This Meant the software used would need to be a vector based software for definite. I therefore chose to utilise the tools of adobe illustrator to create the design.


MAGNAMAN Trumpet with border

The design of this was then re-designed in regards to the use of colours so that it complimented the other elements better.


in play screen

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