Easter Progress Report

Meeting with RedBalloon

We were now well underway in the design process of the app, and felt it appropriate to organise a meeting with RedBalloon for an assessment on the progress of our project. We discussed the need for a functioning prototype to evaluate, as a basis for looking at what needed changing or modifying if need be. Overall the feedback we received from RedBalloon on our application was that the mechanic we had opted to use, of a sound being played, and matched to a multiple-choice answer was appropriate and well-suited, but we needed to ensure the content was relevant and well-designed as the idea was primarily content-centric. We noted this as a priority for development and decided it could be checked by user testing with relevant professionals for our demographic – a primary school teacher and the education officer for the cathedral.

Additionally, one of the main needs for a basic functioning prototype was to organise a meeting with the client and present the prototype for feedback which could then be incorporated into the next iteration of our design. Discussion of the project with the client would help us to see what still needed work on in order to meet the needs of the client and ensure we were headed in the right direction – as well as to make use of any ideas suggested in the process.

Lastly, we discussed the need for user testing of the prototype, in order to ensure it was suitable for the target age group. It was suggested that this could be achieved by meeting with the education officer at the cathedral, who dealt typically with school groups, in order to assess and discuss the intentions of the project and its current manifestation for suitability with the target demographic. We also planned to get into contact with a primary school teacher for a similar style of review as a form of user testing.

Ultimately the project had now reached a breaking point most important, with 4 weeks to go, where we needed to assess the upcoming prototype against the original MoSCoW analysis in order to ensure we had met the criteria set out, as well as the criteria set by the brief, and the client. We would look at the mechanic, by discussing it with the client and other parties involved, and decide whether it would work for the final build in its current iteration. We would do the same for the style of the content – as we needed to start making definitive changes and finalising aspects of the project, and anything that needed changing would need to be done so now.

We also identified a few potential issues at this stage of production – we had to address issues with a potential data cap for apps accessed via a mobile network on the iOS system, as well as fidelity of the content. We still needed to implement progression and narrative system into the app to instill some emotion and sense of achievement, as per the MoSCoW analysis.

Our final priorities for the development of a finished prototype were to source sounds for the content, complete a successful JSON database for the integration of content, re-word some of the content, test the prototype on an iPhone to ensure that it works as intended on a physical device, as well as develop final broader priorities for the final 4 weeks after a prototype had been developed and checked properly.

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