Proposed User Feedback

In order to ensure that our current prototype was appropriate for the age range we conducted some user testing by asking the education officer from Salisbury Cathedral, and a primary school teacher, for their thoughts on aspects of the app.

We submitted a video of the prototype in action and asked for feedback on the app as a whole. We explained what the video showed as well as a brief summary of our intentions, in order to make it possible to gauge the prototype against our intentions. We explained also that, since it was a prototype, there were small quirks in the design and layout at times, in order to avoid feedback on issues we were aware of already.

We chose the people we did for feedback as they were professionals in the field relevant to us, and had a broad understanding of the age group due to working with them frequently. We did not ask for feedback from the actual target audience due to logistical issues with being able to find and survey a group of 7-10 year olds as well as a potential inability to provide feedback for the higher level concepts we were still in the process of exploring.

We asked for feedback on how the idea would work in general for 7-10 year olds, and specifically on the mechanic of the idea, whether the user would be able to work out how the game operates, the content itself, and the general concepts and ideas explored. We also asked for any suggestions in terms of features or content.

We plan to use the feedback in order to inform the final design iteration of the application before we release it, and as a confirmation that the final build is appropriate for the audience we plan to have use it.


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