Changes made in response to Client Feedback

Content changes from feedback

Age appropriateness

As per feedback from the client, we removed the references to the murder of Thomas Beckett, and the references to adultery within the monarchy, due to the inappropriateness for the age range. We plan to follow up assessment of age appropriateness in the app with user testing and gaining feedback from the education officer at the Cathedral, and a primary school teacher in order to ensure the content and mechanism will work well with the age range.

Storyline/Narrative structure (sectioning)

The introduction of more characters and more tangible features of the Cathedral, to replace previous ideological or historical concepts meant we could now section the content in the application into characters of the Magna Carta legacy, and features of the Cathedral. Introducing this change allowed us to improve upon the narrative of the app, which was supported by the mascot we had designed. We updated the dialogue of the mascot to support the new changes in content.

Content changes

Visiting the client for a meeting also meant visiting the cathedral, and doing so alongside the client offered the chance to look for more inspiration relating to the creation of content. Looking around we found a lot of inspiration for content which we built into the app by means of new questions and factual relevance to the cathedral as a historical building. As a rule, we ensured that our new content as a result of this was less ideological (such as looking at the introduction of Trial by Jury influenced by the Magna Carta) and more tangible, which not only facilitated a connection as something that could be looked at, found, or touched, unlike more ideological or historical concepts, but also meant it was better understood by the age range.

The expert knowledge of the client helped us to produce content that may have been harder to create relying solely on research; we were able to include lots of anecdotes and quirky stories relating to the Cathedral and the Magna Carta legacy. This primarily involved looking at architectural features with a story or rationale behind them, and we were able to forge a link between including these in the app, and encouraging the user to go and search for these parts of the cathedral – categorically introducing a strong connection between the user’s experience of the app and the building itself.

Sound style changes

We chose a selection of less ambiguous sounds that we feel can instantly be understood as to what the sound is of, and thus returns the user to the main challenge of the mechanism of deciding how the sound provided in the app is relevant to the phrases provided as answers and explanations of the sound being played. However, looking at new sounds required ensuring that the copyright was suitable for our planned usage. The sounds chosen were all available under the creative commons licence, for non-commercial usage, with attribution, however we have submitted these details to the RedBalloon legal team for confirmation before we implement them into the project.


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