Final Changes made from User Testing

Feedback given

The feedback given was broadly positive; the app was described as fun, and well designed, and appropriate to the task. It was suggested that the vocabulary being used currently was too mature for the audience and desperately needed simplifying however. We had already removed the parts deemed too explicit for the age group during initial client feedback, so this was not an issue. It was suggested that we added in a transitioning effect for factual information that displays when the correct answer is chosen, with a timer, so that the user is more inclined to read the information instead of skipping through it.

Salient points to consider

Broadly speaking, we identified our current goals as making the content appropriate and readable for the age group, with a secondary goal of adding in a transitional effect.

Implementation of new changes

We reworded the content in order to appear more friendly, more readable, and with an easier vocabulary. We removed some of the more technical details of the facts, which had the added benefit of shortening the facts overall allowing for a bigger font to be used, adding to the appropriateness for the age range. The salient points within the facts still remained valid, and they were still relevant to the Magna Carta and cathedral. We were unable to add the optional features of reminding users to respect times of prayer, and transitional effects, due to time constraints and a need to prioritise project requirements.

The app was finished with final tweaks made to the design and layout, as well as sounds being added to accompany the new content. We checked the MoSCoW analysis which showed us that all priority features had been completed successfully, alongside many preferred and suggested features, as well as ensuring that we had not included features that we had justified not having.


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