Version Control

The term version control is defined as a system which records changes to a file or a set of files, so over time you can, recall specific versions of the document later in time. We decided to version control our App through-out the production as a way to prevent us from breaking the current version that we are working on and then not having anything to fall back on.
The way version controlled our app was through website called ‘Bitbucket’, which gave us a online and flexible way to upload (push) and download (pull) versions of the app, no matter what laptop or computer we used. Also another useful feature of bitbucket was the commenting system, where with every version you upload, it requires you to put a comment describing what have done since the previous version. Also Xcode has a built in source control manager which directly links with Bitbucket, giving us an easy to quickly upload a new version of our code at a click of a button.
As there was two coders working on the app at the same time one of the useful features that we found really helped us was that we was able to work on separate versions, changing whatever we liked and then once we were finished, we could merge both of the versions changes creating a single version, with all of the updated code.
In particular a situation where version came in handy to us, was where we starting fixing a constraints problem, and experimenting for some time, unknown to us what had done, we changed one of the constraints and not been able to undo what we had just done. Which is where the version control came in handy, as all we had to was get rid of the version we were currently working on and and continue fixing the problem on the previous version.

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